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Equipping Christians to serve and lead in the church, city, and nations

Year established

About Us

We equip Christians to be humble leaders and confident servants marked by a gospel-centric perspective.

Our seminars, programs, and resources—rooted and grounded in the Bible, God’s Word—emphasize developing the whole person: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In all that we do and offer, we desire for people to experience the transforming power of the gospel, which empowers them to change the world in ways that honor God and contribute to humanity’s flourishing.

God calls every Christian to both lead humbly and serve confidently, and in this way follow Jesus’ example (Mark 9:33–37). Christians lead and serve like Jesus. They display His character to the church and to the world around them (Philippians 2). They lead and serve with Jesus by participating in His work of justice and mercy—for everyone but especially the marginalized and oppressed (Psalm 103). And they lead and serve toward Jesus, declaring and demonstrating that He is the most beautiful and most worthy of praise (Psalm 145).

Humble Leadership, Confident Service

Like Jesus

Christians follow Jesus’ pattern of life when they serve confidently and lead humbly, because their identity is in Christ—not what they do.

With Jesus

Christians boldly and humbly pursue God’s glory and people’s good, because Jesus is with us always (Matthew 28:18–20). He is not dead, but alive, and His life brings light to darkness, peace to chaos, justice to injustice.

Toward Jesus

Christians point people toward Jesus, because He is Savior and King. Jesus brings the dead to life. His kingdom is without end and without comparison to anything found in this world.

Get Equipped to Lead and Serve

Nurture your hope in Jesus and take your next step of faithful obedience to Him by investing in a resource, seminar, development program, or residency.


Our resources range from film and audio to written materials. Each resource seeks to help you receive God’s love and then share that love with others through Christ-centered leadership and service.

Written Resources

Our REAP journals guide you in a method for studying the Bible that begins with close reading and concludes with prayer. Other resources include prayer and liturgy books for winter and spring, and workbooks that address Christian doctrines, foundations of the Christian faith, and marriage.

Lecture Videos

Lecture videos come from The Austin Stone Development Program, an eight-month program dedicated to Christian doctrines and spiritual disciplines. The lectures can be complemented with the Doctrines & Disciplines workbook.

Audio Resources

More to It, ASI’s podcast, provides in-depth explorations of various topics. The first season finished in September 2022, and concerned reframing emotions from a biblical perspective and through healthy habits. More to It: Reframing Emotions was created in partnership with The Austin Stone Counseling Center.

Seminar Videos

We invite professors, theologians, authors, and other speakers to lecture on topics ranging from ethics and parenthood to apologetics and reading. Check out past seminars with the recordings.


Seminars are opportunities to learn from godly, wise leaders who desire to help you grow in Christlikeness through studying Scripture, sharing knowledge, developing skills, and encouraging your love for and obedience to Jesus.

These are short events, usually held in the evenings on weekdays or Saturday mornings. Seminars are affordable and feature biblical teaching and skills-based application from a variety of speakers, such as counselors, pastors, and professors.

Development Programs

Development programs equip Christians with knowledge, tools, and real-world application so that they can lead and serve from a gospel-centric perspective in the church, city, and nations.

The Austin Stone Development Program

The Austin Stone Development Program is an eight-month program dedicated to Christian doctrines and spiritual disciplines. It employs cohort-based learning, along with homework and regular assessments. By learning and practicing to share what has been taught, participants graduate from ASDP with the confidence and humility necessary to have conversations and lead lives that honor God and bless other people.


The Residency Program is a two-year experience designed to help participants discern their vocation.

Residents receive training in doctrine, character, and skills; supervision from an Austin Stone staff member and the Residency Program directors; and real-world ministry experiences at The Austin Stone. Available residencies differ from year to year but normally include opportunities in Kids and Students Ministry, Creative Ministry, Women's Ministry, College Ministry, and congregational leadership. While the area of ministry may vary, every residency focuses on three things: theological training, community formation, and skill development.

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Content & Resources

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Our Team

Annie Abuhamad

Institute Resident
Ministry Strategies Second Year Resident Institute Resident Austin Stone Institute

Courtney Bishop

Residency Program Coordinator
St. John
Ministry Strategies Residency Program Coordinator St. John Austin Stone Institute

Dr. Greg Breazeale

Equipping Pastor
Ministry Strategies Elder Leadership Pastor Equipping Pastor North Austin Stone Institute

Kalen Colcolough

Residency Program Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Leadership Residency Program Manager Downtown Austin Stone Institute

Erin Feldman

Content Writer
Ministry Strategies Content Writer Austin Stone Institute

Lindsay Funkhouser

Program Resources Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Leadership Program Resources Manager Austin Stone Institute

Val Hamilton

Austin Stone Institute Associate Director
Manager Ministry Strategies Deacon Leadership Austin Stone Institute Associate Director North Austin Stone Institute

Lindsey Lundin

Content Editor
Ministry Strategies Content Editor Austin Stone Institute

Sydney Neal

Senior Project Manager
St. John
Manager Ministry Strategies Deacon Leadership Senior Project Manager St. John Austin Stone Institute

Jake Riddle

Discipleship Resources Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Leadership Discipleship Resources Manager Austin Stone Institute

Josephine Sheng

Students Resident
Second Year
First Year

Sanja Royall

College Resident
Second Year
First Year

Sam Strickland

Students Resident
Second Year
First Year

Bryson Upchurch

College Resident
Second Year
First Year

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know when program applications or seminar registrations are open?

Stay informed about program applications, seminar registrations, and new resource releases by subscribing to our newsletter!

What do registration fees cover?

Registration fees for seminars and programs go toward expenses including textbooks, facility costs, speaker honorariums, and more. All money received is reinvested in current and future equipping opportunities at The Austin Stone Institute.

If the cost prevents you from participating in an opportunity, contact us at asi@austinstone.org. We want to remove any barriers to access that we can.

What if I can't afford a registration fee?

We’re committed to ensuring everyone is able to participate in our equipping environments, regardless of ability to pay. Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Email asi@austinstone.org for more information.

Will a seminar be available as a recording?

All seminars we have permission to record and share are available on our website, usually about two weeks after the event.

Can I use Austin Stone resources at my church or in my ministry?

Yes, but if you need 12 or more copies of a resource or desire to rebrand a resource, contact asi@austinstone.org. We will talk with you about bulk pricing and/or licensing fees.

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