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We help train biblical leaders marked by Christlike leadership and a gospel-centric perspective.

God is calling men and women of The Austin Stone to lead. He's calling them to lead like Jesus—displaying His character to the world around them. He's calling them to lead with Jesus—joining in His work of bringing justice and mercy to the downtrodden and oppressed. And He's calling them to lead to Jesus—sharing the gospel with people in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. We exist to equip these leaders for His glory.

All of our seminars, programs, and content are based on the Bible and focused on developing the whole person to lead in his or her full potential. To this aim, we seek to continually improve the content and quality of our trainings to be challenging but approachable for aspiring leaders. Through all that we do, our hope is for participants to experience internal growth that results in a desire to change the world around them for Christ.

What Is Christlike Leadership?

Lead like Jesus

Jesus is the perfect leader. Christian leaders follow His example to lead with intentionality, integrity, and godly character.

Lead with Jesus

Jesus is moving in the world today. Christian leaders join with Him to bring light to darkness, order to chaos, justice to injustice, and peace to strife.

Lead to Jesus

Jesus is Savior and King. Christian leaders seek to share the good news of His salvation and kingdom with all people near and far.

Get Equipped for Ministry

Whether you've been following Jesus for six days or six decades, we have a next step for you to take. Invest a little time in your spiritual development through a resource or a class, or invest months or even years through a development program or a residency.


While these resources were created for partners of The Austin Stone, we're glad to make them available beyond our church! We hope they help you grow in Christ and in your ministry to others.

Written Resources

Study the Bible with our REAP resources, connect with Jesus through our prayer and liturgy books, or grow in understanding through our workbooks.

Lecture Videos

Learn or refresh your understanding of a specific doctrine through these lecture videos which complement our Doctrines and Disciplines workbook.

Seminar Videos

Check out past seminar topics and speakers through these recordings.


Seminars and intensives are opportunities to gain insight from godly, wise leaders as they unpack Scripture and help you grow in your knowledge of, affections for, and obedience to Jesus.


The best leaders are constant learners. Through regular seminars, we bring teachers to you in order to unpack rich theology for the purpose of stirring our affections for Christ and our desire to join Him in His mission throughout the world. These seminars are short in length, affordable, and full of great teaching and application.


Some topics demand a little more time to thoroughly cover. Our intensives are three-to-five week classes that work to address several aspects of a single doctrine or philosophy, allowing students to develop a more robust understanding of the topic.

Development Programs

Development programs are built to provide the knowledge and tools needed to minister well in the church, city, and nations.

Dive into intentionally longer seasons of instruction designed to teach you doctrine and theology that will equip you to lead well. Each development program consists of learning through lectures, readings, and assessments and is tailored to help you grow in a specific leadership context.


The Residency Program is a two-year experience designed to train participants in doctrine, character, and skills while providing ministry experiences to help them discern where God is leading them.

Designed to give future leaders the opportunity to gain real-life ministry experience alongside staff of The Austin Stone, our available residencies vary year to year but normally include opportunities in Kids and Students Ministry, Creative Ministry, Women's Ministry, College Ministry, congregational leadership, and more. While the area of ministry may vary, every residency focuses on three things—theological training, community formation, and skill development.  

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Our Team

Annie Abuhamad

Institute Resident
Ministry Strategies First Year Resident Institute Resident Austin Stone Institute

Darby Maclea

Institute Resident
Ministry Strategies Second Year Resident Institute Resident Austin Stone Institute

Dr. Greg Breazeale

Equipping Pastor
Ministry Strategies Elder Pastor Equipping Pastor North Austin Stone Institute

Erin Feldman

Content Writer
Ministry Strategies Content Writer Austin Stone Institute

Jake Riddle

Development Program Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Development Program Manager Austin Stone Institute

John Murchison

Austin Stone Institute Director
Director Ministry Strategies Leadership Austin Stone Institute Director Austin Stone Institute

Kalen Colcolough

Residency Program Coordinator
Coordinator Ministry Strategies Residency Program Coordinator Austin Stone Institute

Lindsay Funkhouser

Program Resources Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Program Resources Manager Austin Stone Institute

Lindsey Lundin

Content Editor
Ministry Strategies Content Editor Austin Stone Institute

Rex Hamilton

Leadership Development Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Deacon Leadership Development Manager North Austin Stone Institute

Sinclaire Davis

Institute Resident
Ministry Strategies Second Year Resident Institute Resident Austin Stone Institute

Sydney Neal

Senior Project Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Senior Project Manager Austin Stone Institute

Leyna Cromarty

Women's Ministry Resident
Second Year
First Year

Maggie Chadwick

Students Resident
Second Year
First Year

Maggie Kappel

College Resident
Second Year
First Year

Meg McNamara

Worship Resident
Second Year
First Year

Michael Foss

Groups Resident
Second Year
First Year

Ryan Head

For the Nations Resident
Second Year
First Year

Sam Strickland

Students Resident
Second Year
First Year

Sanja Stojcic

College Resident
Second Year
First Year

Sinclaire Davis

Institute Resident
Second Year
First Year

Will Sheehan

Worship Resident
Second Year
First Year

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know when program applications or class signups are open?

The best way to stay informed about program applications, class and intensive signups, seminar registrations, and new resource releases is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Classes and intensives are offered every fall and spring, and signups open early each semester. Our development program applications generally open mid- to late-spring, and the programs themselves begin in the fall.

What if I can't afford the registration fee?

Austin Stone Institute is committed to ensuring everyone is able to participate in our training regardless of ability to pay the application or registration fees. Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Find out more by emailing

What does my registration fee cover?

The fees for seminars, classes, intensives, and programs go toward expenses including textbooks, facility costs, speaker honorariums, and more. All of the money that we receive is reinvested in current and future ministry through Austin Stone Institute.

If the cost is preventing you from participating in an opportunity, we want to provide a scholarship for you. Contact us at for more information.

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