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November 21, 2023
March 21, 2024

Cultivating Conscience: Food & Drink

Conscience can be defined as a God-designed and God-given faculty that helps us assess what is good and bad, right and wrong. What role, then, does the conscience play in Christians’ lives? How can it help Christians grow in personal holiness, wise decision-making, and spiritual maturity?

The Austin Stone Institute asked nine writers to compose a liturgy in response to the questions, as applied to a particular area of life. Today’s writer addressed cultivating one’s conscience in relation to food and drink.

Food & Drink

Our God, Giver of all provision,
How Your goodness is shown through food and drink!

Sweet, salty, sour, and spice—
Created by Your hand
And folded into Your Story.

Manna for those walking toward promised milk and honey
And gleaned grain to feed the outcasts.
Wine for the newlyweds, fish for Your friends, and loaves for the masses.
Bread and cup: symbols of Your sacrifice,
And, one day, an eternal table for all Your redeemed.

Until that day, God,
Make us attentive to the Spirit through our conscience.
Let us not abuse Your good gifts,
And let us not forgo the delight of them, either. 

In every bite, every sip,
May we worship You.

And above all,
Let us hunger and thirst for righteousness
Remembering true satisfaction comes through You,
Our Bread of Life, our Living Water.

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