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Fostering a culture of care by providing gospel-centered, church-based, clinically-informed counseling, training, and consulting

Year Established

About Us

We believe God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work on our behalf as we aim for clients to know and apply the gospel to the deepest parts of their lives.

Our counselors look at everything through the truth of the gospel—that we've been made in God's image, which means we possess profound beauty, but that we also experience deep brokenness as a result of living in a world fractured by sin. Because of this, we seek to address issues of suffering while also exploring the complex and largely hidden desires of the soul.

We join with you in this brokenness as people who've experienced pain and, through honest struggle, have tasted the grace of God. Yes, we're professional counselors. But we're also fellow travelers in this broken world committed to walking alongside you. We count it as one of our greatest privileges to enter into the complexity and wonder of the story God is writing in your life.

Throughout the years, we've seen time and time again that people's lives change as they gain a greater awareness of who they are and who God created them to be. He's in the business of restoring and renewing all things—no person is beyond His redemption and grace—and we're honored to play a small role in the redeeming work He's doing in Austin and throughout the world.

What We Believe


Austin Stone Counseling provides expert professional care while working closely with local churches in Austin and beyond.

Beliefs & Values


We don't offer a system or a three-step process for change. Instead, we point to a person, a perfect Redeemer, Jesus. We believe in the gospel—that there's nothing we can do to earn salvation and there's nothing we can do to lose God's love. In our counseling, we rely on the wisdom of God's inherent Word and the working of the Holy Spirit.

In the Local Church

We believe that the primary context of counseling should exist in community. Because of this, we come alongside churches as partners in ministry and seek to involve them as much as possible. We're also committed to equipping local churches through training events, conferences, and consultations.

On Mission

We aim to provide a level of care that enables everyone who comes through our doors to be better equipped to live on the mission God has called them to. We also want to serve our city and provide a place of practical and spiritual care for those in need—regardless of their backgrounds or struggles.

For the Glory of God

We were created to glorify God by enjoying Him above all else. All of our counseling is done with this foundation and goal in mind. Our passion is to see God magnified and clients experience full satisfaction in Christ as they experience the transforming power of the gospel.

What We Do

General Counseling

Our staff provides a variety of services to meet a diversity of clients.


Counseling is available for anyone and everyone. Whether you're wrestling with grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, or you just need a safe place to process, we'd love to be there for you.

Couple & Marriage

To help dating, engaged, or married couples' relationships flourish, we provide gospel-centered counseling that focuses on building a strong foundation, fostering intentional communication, and redeeming relational brokenness.


For families, we offer services for crisis counseling, parenting issues, family functioning, and marital dynamics as they relate to family dynamics.

Child & Adolescent

We offer play therapy for children in order to assist them in managing their emotions and thoughts. Since we believe that parents are the primary agents of healing for their child, we encourage them to participate in the counseling process.

How to Schedule

Step 1

Access Client Portal

If you're a new client, please create an account on our client portal. If you're an existing client, please log in.

*If you're scheduling an appointment for a minor, you'll need to create an account on our client portal in your name and then set up an initial consultation without the child.

Step 2

Schedule Appointment

In your client portal, request an appointment with an available counselor at one of our various locations. Once your appointment is confirmed, your counselor will send intake forms for you to complete in the client portal. Please have these completed before your first session.

Step 3

Follow Up

We'll be in touch if we need additional information from you. Please contact us if you have any questions before your session.


Throughout the year, we offer safe and supportive environments for small groups to gather with a trained counselor to discuss particular issues.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

In times of chaos in a child's life, there's nothing more valuable than the familiar and no relationship more essential than that between a parent and their child. Child-parent relationship therapy focuses on supporting this relationship through once-a-week, 30-minute play sessions for children and providing parents tips for engaging with their child both in and out of the playtime.

Steadfast: Walking With Jesus in Singleness

Singleness can often feel like a curse and, at the same time, a blessing. Navigating the unique challenges of singleness can be difficult. But we don't have to do it alone. In this six-week class, participants will connect with other singles, study Scripture to examine how God views and honors single men and women, and learn practical ways to endure in faithfulness.

Recovery Ministry

Recovery Ministry exists to help those struggling with their own sin, healing from sin done to them, or navigating the effects of living in a broken world to find hope and healing in Jesus. Recovery isn’t just for “those” people. It’s for all of us—a safe place where it’s okay to not to be okay. Take the first step in finding hope and healing in Jesus by joining us at one of our weekly gatherings.


We want to encourage followers of Christ to apply the gospel in personal and specific ways to the hearts and struggles of others.

Equipped to Counsel

Equipped to Counsel is an eight-month course focused on the development of godly, biblical counselors for God's glory and the benefit of His church. Participants will be prepared to minister effectively to individuals, couples, and families with a biblical perspective. The course will cover both the theology and practice of gospel-centered counseling and address issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Church Partnerships

We understand that pastors and leaders of local churches often wrestle with how to provide the best care for the people God has entrusted to them. So, our counselors are available to provide existing pastoral staff teams supplemental counseling, hosting trainings and mentoring, and offer conferences and seminars throughout the year.

What to Expect

You may have concerns about counseling. Don't worry—we understand.

Considering counseling as an option for help can often be overwhelming. We understand those potential anxieties and want to make the process as simple as possible. Our staff is here to serve you. We're committed to doing our best to answer any questions you may have and work to provide an inviting atmosphere where you can find the space to experience healing and hope.

When you come through our doors, you'll find a safe and loving place to experience the grace of the gospel. Simply find a comfortable seat, help yourself to coffee or tea, and your counselor will come meet you in the waiting room. You'll then be led to a private room for a 50-minute session with your counselor. After your first session, you'll discuss a plan for your continued care with your counselor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do counseling sessions cost?

Our fees vary based on the experience and professional level of each counselor, but typically fall within the range of $50 to $150 per 50-minute session. Sometimes counselors will suggest longer sessions if they feel it'll help your progress. They'll also work with you to determine the number of sessions recommended. You'll pay for each session at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, card, and checks as forms of payment.

Are your counselors licensed?

At The Austin Stone Counseling Center we have …

Licensed professional counselors (LPC) who have satisfied all the state requirements for licensure (ex: supervised counseling experience, passing a state licensing exam).

LPC associates who have earned a Masters degree from an accredited university and are working towards licensure by completing the required 3,000 hours of supervised practice.

Practicum students who are currently enrolled in a counseling program and are earning the required counseling hours needed for the completion of their degree.

Trained biblical counselors who have experience in vocational counseling.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you don't show up for your scheduled appointment and you haven't given a 24-hour notice in advance, you'll be required to pay the full cost of the session.

Do you take insurance?

No, we don't take insurance. But, depending on your individual coverage, you may qualify for out-of-network benefits. Our licensed counselors are able to provide medically-coded receipts for clients who wish to file for reimbursement with their own insurance companies. Please check with your insurance carrier for details about your specific coverage.

Have more questions?

Is there something we didn't cover that you'd like to know about? Please email info@austinstonecounseling.org.

Ready for counseling?

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