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January 16, 2024
March 21, 2024

Cultivating Conscience: Media

Conscience can be defined as a God-designed and God-given faculty that helps us assess what is good and bad, right and wrong. What role, then, does the conscience play in Christians’ lives? How can it help Christians grow in personal holiness, wise decision-making, and spiritual maturity?

The Austin Stone Institute asked nine writers to compose a liturgy in response to the questions, as applied to a particular area of life. Today’s writer addressed cultivating one’s conscience in relation to media.


Father, You have given me eyes to see,
Ears to hear, and—a flashlight, my conscience.

But I strain in these caves filled with imitations—
Will I ever find a gem that reflects a facet of You?
My spirit crumbles when I read a story that falls short of Your purity.
I want to see You clearly,
For You have given me eyes to see.

I hear empty whispers in caverns, too,
Echoes, poor imitations of Your nature.
God, how I mourn when Your character isn’t proclaimed!
I listen for Your voice,
For You have given me ears to hear.

Father, show me where to turn my flashlight;
Teach me to heed my conscience.
Illuminate my path in the dark and din,
Enlighten my eyes and ears to Your way,
And guide me to You, my real reward.

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