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Mobilizing the church to help people, particularly the marginalized and vulnerable

Year Established

About Us

We mobilize, train, and support disciples, leaders, and congregations to love our city through mercy and justice.

For the City is an outpouring of The Austin Stone's mission to love the city God has called us to. Through internal initiatives and external partnerships with local nonprofits, churches, and other organizations, we help empower and equip the church to care for our neighbors.

Our desire is for the body of Christ to be actively and compassionately engaged with issues of brokenness and injustice in our city. Specifically, we strive to join in and develop initiatives that support the holistic development and flourishing of the marginalized and vulnerable.

Core Values


We center efforts around the needs of the marginalized.


We dignify the people we serve.


We join in efforts where God is already at work.


We value holistic transformation.


We value operational excellence.

What We Do

For the City helps lead the church to respond to God's call to care for the needs of the vulnerable—not for our own glory, but for His name to be magnified. We want to be a people who are defined by Christ-centered sacrifice and service. To this end, we identify opportunities for people to engage with and address our city's needs.

What We Do


Child Welfare - Supporting foster children, adopted children, and the families that care for them

Education Empowerment - Supporting students facing barriers to educational access and achievement

Family Support - Helping parents at risk of losing parental rights develop increased stability and grow through educational opportunities

Sanctity of Life - Advocating for the unborn and supporting under-resourced parents of young children

Neighbor Care

Adaptive Community - Empowering and facilitating community with those uniquely created with different abilities

Homeless Care - Caring for our homeless and recently-housed neighbors

Immigrant Care - Caring for vulnerable immigrants in Austin, including refugees and asylees


Anti-Human Trafficking - Combating human trafficking and its causes while supporting survivors

Disaster Response - Mobilizing the church body to respond when disasters occur

Prisoner Grace - Demonstrating God’s grace to current and former inmates

Racial Justice - Supporting the church in affirming the dignity and worth of every image-bearer regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality

For the City Portfolio

We work to develop internal initiatives and external partnerships to provide sustainable, holistic solutions to meet the needs of our city.


Child Welfare Support Program

The Child Welfare Support Program exists to cast vision for, celebrate, and create awareness surrounding foster care and adoption. As a church that actively works to respond to God’s heart for vulnerable children and families, this program works to help equip and sustain current foster and adoptive families in their calling and empower more parents to enter into this space. Learn more about the program by exploring the brochure below.

Dobbs Decision

In July 2022, The Austin Stone rallied together to provide support for life-affirming pregnancy resource centers and women's health clinics within the greater Austin area in response to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. These resources included a variety of items, from car seats and onesies to formula and wipes. Click the button below for more info!

Back to School

Before the start of the school year, Austin Stone congregations made a collective effort to support schools and nonprofit organizations that serve students facing barriers to educational access and achievement. As a result, families and teachers were provided with the necessary supplies they needed for their students—setting both them and their kids up for success in the new school year. Click the button below to see how each congregation contributed.

Academy 4 Mentorship

In partnership with Academy 4, we work to provide consistent mentors to fourth-grade students at Pickle Elementary, Houston Elementary, and Robertson Elementary. Through these relationships, we’re able to help instill leadership skills in students during a particularly impactful time in their cognitive and social development. Click the button below to see how The Austin Stone made a difference in the lives of students in 2021-2022 and to explore how you can get involved for the 2022-2023 school year!

COVID-Impact Care Program

In response to the pandemic, For the City initiated the COVID-Impact Care Program. The program provided heavily subsidized biblical counseling and Camp Gladiator memberships to nurses, teachers, social workers, and nonprofit professionals. Through this program, we were able to care for these professionals and express our gratitude for their faithful service during a time that was uniquely challenging.

Holiday Serve

In partnership with Austin Stone congregations, we work with nonprofit organizations to bless the marginalized in our city through donations of supplies, gift cards, and presents. Check out the impact of the 2021 Holiday Serve project by clicking the button below.

Winter Storm Response

In 2021, we mobilized to provide disaster relief and aid for those impacted by the winter storm. These efforts included supplying and delivering food, water, and other essentials, providing monetary support to organizations serving those most affected, and organizing rescue rides for those unable to travel due to roadway conditions.

Refugee Community ESL at St. John

For over a year, For the City supported a weekly ESL class for refugees. Over the course of this program, volunteers helped refugees learn English through conversation in a supportive environment. More than 20 refugees were served by this program!

a city with a river running through it
a person with a mask on the face and another woman with a box

2021 Annual Report



Unique Service & Equipping Opportunities Provided


People Engaged With For the City Opportunities
Winter Storm Impact


Individuals Served During the 2021 Winter Storm

Our Team

Alison Brooks

Local Mission Program Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Local Mission Program Manager For the City

Brittani Oglesbee

Local Mission Resident
Ministry Strategies First Year Resident Local Mission Resident For the City

Heather Foss

Local Mission Ministry Associate
Associate Ministry Strategies Local Mission Ministry Associate Downtown For the City

Josh Burke

Local Mission Associate Director
Director Ministry Strategies Local Mission Associate Director For the City

Wilson Echols

Local Mission Program Manager
Manager Ministry Strategies Local Mission Program Manager For the City

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give directly to For the City?

Yes! You can make a one-time or recurring donation to the Local Mission Fund by clicking here. Financial gifts given to this fund are put toward partnering with nonprofits, meeting tangible needs in our city, and proactively working to address barriers to human flourishing.

How can I stay up to date on volunteer opportunities and classes?

The best way to stay informed about volunteer opportunities, classes, and more is to subscribe to our newsletter email. We'll send out updates on our activities and highlight service, donation, and educational opportunities.

How does For the City work with nonprofits?

We collaborate with and support nonprofits by promoting their service and donation opportunities, providing education opportunities for people to learn more about their ongoing efforts, and providing financial support through grants.

When working alongside organizations, our primary focus is centering efforts to address the needs of those being served. As such, we often support non-faith-based organizations that are effectively serving marginalized communities.

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