Summer Discipleship Program (College)

Summer Discipleship Program (SDP) is designed for college students to deepen their understanding of what it practically means to follow Jesus in community. Students will engage in evangelism, disciple-making, and mission mobilization. SDP provides college students with a chance to grow in their knowledge of God, in their character, and is an excellent opportunity to better understand what it means to leverage their life for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SDP is a two-month, intensive discipleship and missional experience where students serve locally and nationally in global cities. SDP includes six weeks in Austin and two weeks of domestic travel. These eight weeks immerse students in the local church and global cities to teach them how to practically love God, the church, the city, and the nations.

The beginning of the summer includes several weeks in Austin, Texas receiving practical theological and ministry training by leadership at The Austin Stone. During this time, students will learn to effectively share the gospel and give their lives away in response to the gospel. While in Austin, participants will also partner with CG Victory, a faith-based youth adventure camp! 

Students will then travel to Houston, Texas to serve Global Gates in brining a summer camp experience to Afghan refugee children! The final week of the summer students will travel back to Austin to spend the week unpacking what they learned, hear from incredible speakers, and be mobilized to their campuses.

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