The Austin Stone Development Program (ASDP)

The Austin Stone Development Program is a church-based, higher-education program built to train men and women for biblically qualified leadership in the home, church, city, and nations. The program lasts approximately eight months and consists of:

Theological Study – Learn to see the beauty of Christ and become a faithful handler of the Word of God.

Experiential Learning – Learning is best done with a specific ministry in mind, along with opportunities for reflection and feedback.

Cohort-Style Development – Life change happens best when reflection, cooperative learning, and accountability are in community.

Coaching and Mentoring – Each cohort has a coach who provides mentorship, gospel counseling, tutoring, and advising and shepherding.

Content-Specific Training – A diverse range of classes and advanced tracks to train men and women specific to their calling.

Program start and end date subject to change based on congregation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required to complete The Austin Stone Development Program?

The program runs from early fall to late spring with breaks for holidays. Participants can expect weekly three-hour lecture and discussion, 20-50 pages of reading and homework each week, additional cohort meetings, and several all-day trainings.

Can I enroll in The Austin Stone Development Program if I don’t attend The Austin Stone?

Yes! However, partners are given priority during the application review and admission process.

Are there any opportunities for discounts or scholarships for the program?

In some cases, financial assistance is available. Participants interested in applying for a scholarship will be given an opportunity to complete a needs-based application upon the completion of the general program application.

If I apply to the program, does that guarantee that I will be admitted?

Unfortunately, it does not. Every application is meticulously reviewed by congregational leadership in order to determine whether or not the program would be a good fit for each applicant based on their individual circumstances and capacities. Furthermore, congregation teams have a limited number of spots available in a given program calendar year. In some cases, applicants are encouraged to reapply for the program in a subsequent year or enroll in other equipping opportunities instead.

Can I get seminary credit for completing The Austin Stone Development Program?

Yes! We're excited to announce that, in partnership with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, we can offer graduate-level credit hours. By participating in The Austin Stone Development Program, you may obtain up to 15 hours of graduate-level credit over the course of the year. These credit hours can then be transferred into degree programs offered through Southern and Southeastern.

Can I enroll in The Austin Stone Development Program at a different Austin Stone congregation than I normally attend?

We strongly encourage applicants who are partners or attenders of The Austin Stone to participate in The Austin Stone Development Program with their own congregations.