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December 11, 2023
July 23, 2024

Peace (Advent Spoken Word)

Chaos rips and ravages
the fearful, anxious heart.
A war that wages, endless
and tears the self apart.

Friends and family, strangers, neighbors
poised at odds opposed.
At worst, attempts to reconcile
ignored. At best, disposed.

Greater still, hostility
stands towering between
the sin-filled man and Holy God,
the traitor and the King.

The world awaits with anxious pause
for rest and restoration.
Yet perfect peace could not prevail
without a confrontation.

A son was sent through virgin’s womb
to pay the ransom’s cost.
The Righteous One would buy our peace
by blood of His own cross.

Our peace has come to dwell with us
His life and death to bring
the sin-filled back to Holy God,
the traitor to the King.

Friends and family, strangers, neighbors
have peace in which to live.
For God Himself has died to prove
His enemies forgiv’n.

While chaos rips and ravages,
we see His plan unfurled.
The Prince of Peace declares, “Take heart,
I’ve overcome the world.”

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