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April 2, 2021
March 21, 2024
Sermon Series

Part 1 - The Passion

It happens without warning.

The way sunlight is suddenly covered up by clouds. Or sound is upstaged by a roaring quiet.

A moment ago, you felt a sure and steady Presence -

But now, all you can see is what absence leaves behind.

And though you believe, though you know, there is light on the other side of shadow...

That behind the veil of what seems real is Reality deeper and truer still…

Right now, all that you long for seems more like a fading echo than a promise of what will come.

Like a boat adrift at sea with no land in sight, you scan the horizon for any sign of parted waves or watery footsteps and see...


And you hear that persistent whisper say, “You will not find Him here…

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Contributing Staff
Alex Espinoza
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