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December 24, 2023
March 21, 2024

Love (Advent Spoken Word)

What lovely song or poet could depict
the love for which humanity does thirst?
For man’s descriptions try but still restrict
the boundless love with which God loved us first.

A million books a million pages long
would fail to tell in full the love that’s come.
Take ev’ry word in thought, in print, in song,
the Word made flesh is greater than their sum.

Eternal God appeared in humble mode:
the needless one in form of helpless child.
His ev’ry breath a step along the road
which finds its end at majesty reviled.

No greater love can any of us know
than Jesus Christ who gave Himself in death.
The only measures adequate to show
His perfect love, its height and depth and breadth.

The love that all words fail to fully frame
is manifested here in Jesus’ name

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