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December 18, 2023
March 21, 2024

Joy (Advent Spoken Word)

There is genuine joy that transcends circumstances.
Like the flame of a fire that flitters and dances
in spite of the gales that threaten its blaze,
a joy inextinguishable all of our days.

Where could this endless rejoicing be found?
Is it somewhere within, buried deep down?
Would it be foolish or wise to presume
that the passing of time makes our happiness bloom?

No, we look to the child chosen and cherished
born to die that His people not perish.
We look to the one who endured such a loss,
who for joy set before Him suffered the cross.

Joy inexpressible only in Jesus.
He finds us in sorrowful shackles and frees us.
He is acquainted with all of our sadness
and turns all our mourning to glorious gladness.

Look and you’ll see Him, just open your eyes.
Seek and you’ll find Him, delight will arise.
He is here. He has come. Let rejoicing abound.
For He is where joy at its fullest is found.

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