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December 4, 2023
July 16, 2024

Hope (Advent Spoken Word)

When life is not perfect, in order, or clean
what lifts our eyes whenever we fall?
There's something more, beyond what is seen
for hope that is seen is not hope at all.

What gives us hope amidst life’s despairs
and grief that comes with them?
None but the one who takes all our cares
the truest, most faithful friend.

For we have seen what can’t be seen.
This hope, He has a name
Jesus Christ the King of Kings.
In death, he bore our shame.

The God of hope has come to us
and as we trust in Him,
the Holy Spirit fills us up
and brings our hope to brim.

The image of the unseen God arrived in flesh to show
He is the brighter day to come. He alone, our hope.

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