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December 25, 2023
July 16, 2024

Christ (Advent Spoken Word)

We’ve walked alone in darkness,
but we have seen a great light.
Hope beaming from despair;
like morning from the night.

Yes, we’ve seen the waves of chaos,
felt the wind ravage and rip.
Our anchor in the depths is Christ.
His peace steadies the ship.

Now joy has filled eternally,
the void within the chest;
No one but the Man of Sorrows
makes the mourners blessed.

The crooked, crafty enemy
could never overcome
the power of the Father’s love,
displayed in Christ the Son.

From heaven’s throne to virgin’s womb,
in humble form He came
to wear the burden of our sin,
disrobing us of shame.

For perfect peace and hope and love
and joy we wait no more.
He is here! He has come!
so come let us adore!

The Word made flesh, Emmanuel,
Savior, Prince of Peace
Mighty God, Holy One,
Jesus, King of Kings.

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