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September 9, 2018
March 15, 2023
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Because He First Loved Us

“Becca, can we come home? And will you adopt us?”

As a single woman, Becca knew the cost and obstacles of foster care. So when two young boys pulled into her driveway, she trusted the Lord’s leading and welcomed them with open arms.

When she had to let them go, she still clung to her trust in the Lord even though she loved the boys deeply. Then in a sudden turn of events, the boys asked her if she could adopt them and become part of her family.

During this journey of foster care and adoption, Becca constantly looked to Jesus’ example of following the Lord with obedience. She learned what it means to walk in His footsteps, lay down her own desires, and say yes to the Lord’s sovereignty no matter the cost.

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Becca Harris
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