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Stories From The Austin Stone


“So, what are you going to do next?” This seemingly simple question was nearly impossible for Peter to answer. After two years on the mission field, it was like trying to answer, “Who are you, and who are you going to be?”

Peter and his wife left to be goers in Southeast Asia with the deep conviction from Scripture that God wanted all tribes, tongues, and nations to worship Him. But those first two years in the field were tough; in fact, they were two of the hardest years he and his wife had ever experienced. When they returned, Peter felt God urging him to reprioritize his marriage and something else too—God began showing Himself to Peter in a fresh way. After a season of exhaustion, God met Peter and his wife with the care that they needed, as their Austin Stone community stepped in to care, empathize, and give them the space to rest and recover.

Peter’s story is ongoing. Through his life and his testimony, we see a God who’s not shy about changing our plans and setting us on new paths—all to see His name made great in our lives and the lives of others!

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