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Stories From The Austin Stone


“If You’re putting pause on an area of my life, that doesn’t mean that I’ve failed. It doesn’t mean that You’re withholding anything from me. It means that there’s something new for this season that I’m in.”

During her residency at The Austin Stone, Lauren became more deeply rooted in the firm foundation of Christ. But it didn’t happen overnight. Her journey to grow those deep roots started in 2016 when she started attending The Austin Stone. Her heart for ministry quickly grew, and Lauren began discerning whether or not God was calling her to full-time ministry. Through fear but plenty of faith in God’s hand on her life, Lauren left the comfortable world of students and college ministries to apply for the worship ministry.

But Lauren’s residency didn’t end in the worship ministry. The Lord walked with her through a surprising ministry career shift, producing more faith and holiness along the way.

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