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The Women's Cast

Joy: Women’s Retreat Say-So

Welcome back to The Women’s Cast! That’s short for podcast, forecast, our cast of characters, and all the casts in between. This year, our Women’s Ministry at The Austin Stone is focusing on JOY.

In this episode, our entire Women’s Staff Team (all seven of us!) sit down to reflect on our most recent Women’s Retreat, Presence of Joy, which took place at the beginning of March. In Psalm 107:2, the psalmist says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,” and that’s exactly what we do in this episode.

God was so faithful to move at Women’s Retreat this year! And whether or not you attended the retreat, we hope this episode is an encouragement to you—that God is always faithfully moving on behalf of His kids. Enjoy!

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Alison Mezger
Annette Haralson
Christine Hoover
Julie Kotulek
Kate Terry
Misti Echols
Purshia Gambles
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