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Is The Church Late To The Race Conversation?

In this episode, we sit down with our good friend and Pastor of Preaching and West Congregation Pastor at The Austin Stone, Ross Lester. We talked about racial justice, civil unrest, and the Church's responsibility in the midst of it all.

You're going to hear about Ross’ experience engaging racial justice both in America and South Africa, and several stories from MJ and Tyler on their own journeys when it comes to this topic. We only hit the tip of the iceberg on this extremely important issue, but we hope that this gets you started on your own journey to desire heaven on earth. Look out for more episodes coming in the future on this topic!

"The American church, that has been my experience is more racially divided than any other church group that I've seen and I'm from South Africa. I'm from a place that had apartheid in my generation. And the attitudes of polarization that I've seen in the states have been mind blowing to me, along racial lines. And it breaks my heart but puts a fire in my belly to go, "Man, there's so much to be done." There's so much to be done." –Ross Lester

For more resources on racial justice, visit the following links:

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