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The Women's Cast

Forgiven and Set Free: An Abortion Story

Welcome back to The Women's Cast. That's short for podcast, forecast, our cast of characters, and all the casts in between.

Forgiven and Set Free is a 10-week small group study for women who have experienced abortion and are seeking the hope and healing of Christ in the context of a safe, confidential, grace-filled community. In this episode, our friends and leaders of Forgiven and Set Free, Brittany Brown and Pam Cobern, have a vulnerable conversation about finding forgiveness and freedom in the gospel after their abortions. We’re so thankful for their desire to bravely share their stories in hopes that other women would experience God's grace through the gospel like they have.

This conversation contains personal testimony. For The Austin Stone’s position on the sanctity of life please read this paper.

Episode Transcript

Registration for Forgiven and Set Free is open—register here.

If you have questions, please reach out to women@austinstone.org.

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