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The Women's Cast

Expectant Hope Part 3

Welcome to The Women's Cast - Women’s Retreat 2022 Edition. That's short for podcast, forecast, our cast of characters, and all the casts in between. This season, the women's ministry at The Austin Stone is focusing on hope for the year, and specifically studying at Women’s Retreat how we can live in expectant hope in Jesus.

When you think about hope embodied, do you have a person that immediately pops into your head? That is this week’s guest for us! In this episode, Amy Jean (West Kids Ministry Associate) sits down with Purshia Gambles (South Equipping and Women’s Ministry Director). Amy Jean is one of the most hopeful presences that we know. Although, we think you’ll be surprised (and encouraged) by what Amy Jean has to share about what it’s like for her to personally fight for hope. We’re confident that you’ll walk away from this episode feeling like you just sat down for coffee with a dear friend and eager to do it again!

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