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The Women's Cast

Expectant Hope Part 2

Welcome to The Women's Cast - Women’s Retreat 2022 Edition. That's short for podcast, forecast, our cast of characters, and all the casts in between. This season, the women's ministry at The Austin Stone is focusing hope for the year, and specifically studying at Women’s Retreat how we can live in expectant hope in Jesus.

In this episode, Amanda Brown (St. John Women's Ministry Director) sits down with Anna Staff (North Partner) for a deeply moving conversation about expectant hope in painful loss.

Before you jump into their conversation, we want to note that Anna’s story involves the recent loss of a child. Anna wanted to share her family’s story in faith that it would encourage the body of Christ, and we believe it will do that. We know this story may be difficult for some of you here, so we wanted to let you know before you listen.

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