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Stories From The Austin Stone


“We serve a God who meets us where we are and takes us where He wanted us to be.” When Carmen got married, she never imagined where she’d be in 2018. That raising kids would be so challenging. That her husband would get sick. That he would pass away.

When Carmen’s husband passed away six years ago, she began attending The Austin Stone. At that time, she was struggling with a growing reliance on alcohol. Carmen felt burdened with responsibility, and like many of us, and used alcohol to find some peace. But the Lord used a sermon about idolatry to explicitly call her back to Himself, and from that day forward, despite ups and downs, she was never the same.

Carmen’s is a story of God’s relentless love for us. It’s a story of relapse and recovery. Of a mother who wanted a brighter future for her children. And it’s a story of God’s unending pursuit of His children and His children’s children.

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