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Story Team Weekly

Advent Week 2 - Altar of Incense

For this year’s Advent readings at The Austin Stone Community Church, we asked some of our Story Team artists to write poetic prayers that center around the birth of Jesus and the salvation that first came to us in a manger. We hope these prayers stir your heart to worship Jesus along with us.


O God of Kindness,
God of Grace,

You have had compassion
On an empty-handed people
Standing desperate at Your altar
Needing hope from a King
Who fills mouths of dust
With richwine
From an ever-bearing vine—
The fragrant blood of Jesus,
Sweet aroma of life!

O aromatic incense of grace
That smells of when I first believed!
My tears spill forth with joy,
And worship pours from my lips,
And I am reminded of Your Name Above All Names.
You have compounded the faith
Of my first prayers
And now my worship is more
From years spent abiding in You, O God.

How radiant is the altar of God
Upon which rests the worship of His saints!
How sweet the aroma of His nearness
That proclaims all other bliss inferior.

There is no pleasure apart from You, O God,
No fragrance more captivating than the joy of Your presence.
We worship You, O God Most Worthy,
With hands and hearts, we praise Your name.


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