Southeast Asia Kids Care

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Trip Information


Join us as we go to Southeast Asia to serve goers and their kids during a retreat. Going on a Kids Care trip is not babysitting—it’s a time of impactful investment in the lives of kids whose family has sold everything to take the gospel to the ends of the earth! By spending time with these kids and students, this provides time for their parents to get necessary care, coaching, counseling, equipping/training for their ministry, and fellowship to continue in their calling. This kind of care helps them persevere on the field and stay longer! 

Through this trip, we hope to demonstrate and teach kids about the importance of studying the Bible and spending time in community with other believers.

Why Should I Go?

  • We're all called to be a part of God's plan to redeem a people for Himself from every tribe, language, tongue, and nation and this is one way to participate in His mission.
  • Providing childcare is a huge blessing to our goers by giving them some time for rest and renewal.
  • Global mission trips will help you align your heart with God’s heart for the nations.  
  • Opportunity for deeper connectivity and fellowship with other Austin Stone brothers and sisters.

What's Expected

Children who spend time in other cultures during their child development years are often referred to as “Third Culture Kids” because they're raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of their country of nationality. Don’t assume that because they are goer kids that they have a personal relationship with Jesus. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your faith with the next generation!

Trip Leaders

Being a short-term mission trip leader is a rewarding experience. It makes you a part of the Great Commission, letting you respond to God’s call to the nations in a sacrificial way while also shepherding a group of people. Check out the benefits and expectations here. If you're interested in being a trip leader, you apply through the application and complete the "Trip Leader" question section.


We desire you to pursue Jesus in your daily life and grow to be more like Him. We will provide trainings that walk through abiding and resting in Jesus (John 15), ministry overview and expectations, culture, and logistics. While we can’t perfectly prepare you for everything you might encounter, we do our best to train you with everything you’d need for your trip.


  • Teams stay at the hotel where the conference is being held.
  • Team members will stay in same gendered rooms at the hotel.
  • Vans will take the team from the airport to the hotel. Once there, the team will walk everywhere.


Everything you need for your trip is included in the trip cost, which can be viewed here. These amounts are based on preparation costs and costs given to us by the field partner.


Abiding Training (Required)

February 25, 2024 | 3-5:30pm | St. John Campus

We go on short-term trips because we want to see God’s kingdom furthered. While most short-term trip participants are blessed by the experience, we do not primarily go to be filled up, but to pour out to others. Scripture consistently paints a correlation between spiritual health and our ability to be effective in ministry to the world, so we believe consistently seeking to abide in Christ is crucial to effectiveness for short-term trips.

Team Building (Required)

March 1 - 31, 2024 | Time and Location TBD

Led by the trip leaders, this training date, time, and location will be set and communicated by the trip leader. This training will be a time for the team to get to know each other, spend time reading God’s Word together, praying for the trip, growing in cultural awareness, and going through some trip expectations.

Support Raising Training (Optional)

March 3, 2024 | 3-5:30pm | St. John Campus

In this training, we will train you on why we engage in support raising, how to raise support, and how to support each other throughout the support-raising process. We encourage you even if you have the financial means to pay for this trip to enter into support raising as it brings opportunity for those who aren’t going to be a part of what God is doing as well as getting to see God’s provision and faithfulness.

Ministry Overview and Culture (TCKs) Training (Required)

April 14, 2024 | 3-5:30pm | St. John Campus

The kids we will be serving are called Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a term used to describe people who grow up in a different culture (or multiple cultures) from the one in which their parents grew up. This idea of the “third culture” “is the mixed identity that a child assumes, influenced both by their parents' culture and the culture in which they are raised.” (

During this training, we will be learning more about the TCKs we will be serving and more about the curriculum we’ll be using. The majority of our time together will be spent planning out the details of this schedule.

Ministry Prep - Kids/Students Workshop (Required)

May 19, 2024 | 3-5:30pm | St. John Campus



  1. Must complete a background check and Ministry Safe Training.
  2. Receive any vaccinations required to enter the country.


  1. Each distinct grouping of kids will have a leader who will be responsible for the schedule and any changes that need to be made throughout the day.
  2. Invest in goer children while their parents are receiving training.


  1. You have to be 18 years old or older.
  2. Must complete Kids' Volunteer Training.


  1. Attend mandatory preparation meetings.
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