South Parent-Child Dedication Class

During this class, we’ll walk through what it looks like to help your child grow up in a gospel-centered environment and how you can lead your child to know and believe the gospel!

After completing the class, our church family celebrates the partnership between parents and the church through an event called Parent-Child Dedication! At these events, we celebrate the parents’ public declaration to raise their child in the gospel and commit as a church to support and partner with these parents in their calling! The Parent-Child Dedication will take place Sunday, May 14 during our services!

By signing up for this Parent-Child Dedication Class, you are not signing up for the dedication itself. The class is a required step before you can participate in a Sunday Parent-Child Dedication.

*Also note that although we allow anyone to take the class, we only allow partners to dedicate. If you are not yet a partner, you'll need to go through the partnership process before dedicating. We will send you more information on how this process works if needed.