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July 31, 2021
March 21, 2024

Summer Selah: What Makes God Happy

Summer ought to be a season when we’re able to rest well—a time we can spend with the Lord and His goodness. But, oftentimes, we actually fall out of healthy spiritual habits and end up trying to rest from the Lord instead of resting in Him.

That’s why we’ve created the Summer Selah Series. Over 40 days, we’ll be sharing daily devotions during a season where you may not feel very devoted.

Based on excerpts from his book Selah: Devotions From The Psalms For Those Who Struggle With Devotion, Ross Lester, our Pastor of Preaching and West Congregation Pastor, will provide readings from select Psalms, a brief devotional reflection, and some prayer points for each of the 40 days.


Take some time to read Psalm 149. Then, come back and read the following verses again.

“For the LORD takes pleasure in his people;
he adorns the humble with salvation. Let the godly exult in glory;
let them sing for joy on their beds.” (Psalm 149:4-5 ESV)


I sometimes feel like God just barely tolerates me. On good days, when I can remember that Christ’s righteousness is gifted to me, I can still think that it’s a begrudging exchange—like God the Father has to love me because of Jesus, but He doesn’t really like me. In my experience as a pastor, I have learned that I am not the only one who feels this way. People really struggle to imagine that God enjoys us.

And yet, that is exactly what Psalm 149 claims. It begins with instructions on worship and how we are to enjoy the presence and holiness of God. But then, in verse 4, it states that God takes pleasure in the praises of His people. He enjoys us enjoying Him. What a thought!Like a loving dad enjoys the company of his adoring kids, God enjoys the company of His people. We are part of that number. What grace. So today, as we close out these devotions, take some time in prayer to enjoy God knowing that He enjoys you!


Father God, teach me to find my joy in You and to believe that You take pleasure in us.

Ross Lester, Selah: Devotions From The Psalms For Those Who Struggle With Devotion (Magnolia, Texas: Lucid Books, 2017)

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