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July 15, 2021
March 21, 2024

Summer Selah: Lifesong

Summer ought to be a season when we’re able to rest well—a time we can spend with the Lord and His goodness. But, oftentimes, we actually fall out of healthy spiritual habits and end up trying to rest from the Lord instead of resting in Him.

That’s why we’ve created the Summer Selah Series. Over 40 days, we’ll be sharing daily devotions during a season where you may not feel very devoted.

Based on excerpts from his book Selah: Devotions From The Psalms For Those Who Struggle With Devotion, Ross Lester, our Pastor of Preaching and West Congregation Pastor, will provide readings from select Psalms, a brief devotional reflection, and some prayer points for each of the 40 days.


Take some time to read Psalm 89. Then, come back and read the following verse again.

“I will sing of the steadfast love of the
Lord, forever;
with my mouth I will make known
your faithfulness to all generations.” (Psalm 89:1 ESV)


It has been said that, perhaps the most important thing about us, is what we think about when we think about God. I agree with that statement and have seen the consequences of its truth and power. It ought also to be said that the second most important thing about us is what we think about when we think about ourselves in light of what we think about God.

If God is who He says He is, then what do we exist for? What is the purpose and the point of our time here on this planet? It’s a question that vexes and troubles everyone. Well, it should anyway.

The first couple of verses of Psalm 89 neatly capture what I think we exist for. They’re a pretty good purpose statement for my remaining days on this earth. My life exists as a song that is sung about God’s great love. My words should speak of His faithfulness in a way that impacts my kids, and their kids, and their kids. My story should be one of God’s unrelenting love toward an unyielding rebel, so that others may know that love is available for them too.

This focuses me and helps me to pay attention to the right things. I deeply desire to live for the fame and glory of the one true God and to make His faithfulness known to the generations to come.

What are you living for?


Father God, I want my life to count in a way that impacts future generations. Make my life a song of praise about You that will impact those who come after me.

Ross Lester, Selah: Devotions From The Psalms For Those Who Struggle With Devotion (Magnolia, Texas: Lucid Books, 2017)

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