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June 26, 2021
March 21, 2024

Summer Selah: God's Pupil

Summer ought to be a season when we’re able to rest well—a time we can spend with the Lord and His goodness. But, oftentimes, we actually fall out of healthy spiritual habits and end up trying to rest from the Lord instead of resting in Him.

That’s why we’ve created the Summer Selah Series. Over 40 days, we’ll be sharing daily devotions during a season where you may not feel very devoted.

Based on excerpts from his book Selah: Devotions From The Psalms For Those Who Struggle With Devotion, Ross Lester, our Pastor of Preaching and West Congregation Pastor, will provide readings from select Psalms, a brief devotional reflection, and some prayer points for each of the 40 days.


Take some time to read Psalm 17. Then, come back and read the following verse again.

“Keep me as the apple of your eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings …” (Psalm 17:8 ESV)


Many of the Psalms found early in the Psalter are Psalms of lament. They take time to point out many of the things that are wrong in the world. David’s Psalms show us that, while he was a man after God’s own heart, David’s circumstances were really tough for long periods of his life and his spiritual journey was often dark. So, you’re not alone in your struggle.

There is one verse in Psalm 17 that brings major hope though. David pleads with God to keep him as “the apple of His eye.” That means he already was the apple of God’s eye. He was only praying that he would remain so. That is amazing.

The apple was the ancients’ way of referring to the eye’s pupil. It was seen as the most precious part of the body that was to be protected above all else. David suggests that God protects His children like the body protects the pupil. High cheekbones shelter it from incoming blows. Bushy eyebrows keep sweat from the brow from getting in. Eyelashes act like fences, keeping all unwanted intruders out. Eyelids can shut to provide rest and quiet.

God treats His children like that. He is like a mother bird standing with His arms outstretched sheltering us chicks from harm. He has already proved this to us by allowing His Son to stretch out His arms out on the cross to protect us from the harm of our sin and rebellion.

Don’t know how God sees you today? Maybe, just maybe, like David, you are the apple of His eye.
He has got you covered.


Father God, keep me as the apple of Your eye. Thank You for the way that You protect me and care for me. Give me eyes to see the many ways that You are always doing this for me. In Jesus’ name.

Ross Lester, Selah: Devotions From The Psalms For Those Who Struggle With Devotion (Magnolia, Texas: Lucid Books, 2017)

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