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April 29, 2022
July 16, 2024

Sharing Resources with Goers

Thank you for your interest in sharing resources with goers who are stateside! Learn more about what this looks like and how to share your resources by reading the FAQs below. 

How do I start the process to share a resource?

To share a resource or learn more about the process, simply fill out our ministry Connection form. Once a form is submitted, a member of the For the Nations Stateside Care Team will contact you to explain more about the process and answer any questions. If you’d like to move forward, the donation will be added to our list of shared resources for goers.

How long does my resource stay on the goer resource list?

Once a year, the Stateside Care Team performs an audit of all goer resources to determine any changes in availability. Otherwise, you’re welcome to take your resource off the list at any time by contacting us at care@atxstateside.com.

How do I indicate preferences for my shared resource?

Once the Stateside Care Team has made contact with you, they’ll send a separate housing or vehicle form for you to fill out that captures all desired preferences. You may indicate occupant preferences, preferred lengths of use, if there are any costs the goer will be responsible for, periods of availability, etc.

How is a goer connected with a shared resource?

When a goer is planning a visit stateside, they fill out an information form that gathers any resource needs. Once the Stateside Care Team receives the form, they attempt to match the goer with resources from the list that best meets the specific needs or preferences. All resource owner preferences will be taken into consideration during the matching process as well. When a good match is determined, the Stateside Care Team will reach out directly to the resource owner to confirm availability. The resource owner and goer will be connected once confirmed. The goer’s Advocacy Team leader will also be included in communications in case they are able to assist in the logistics of transporting vehicles or preparing a home for goer arrival.

Who is responsible for covering vehicle insurance?

The car owner is responsible for adding the goer on to their insurance if the goer is not already covered under their own plan. Most insurance companies will cover an additional driver for specific lengths of time. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider for more information regarding time limits, required documentation, or any associated fees.

Who is responsible for covering any vehicle fees?

It is the car owner’s responsibility to determine who covers any vehicle fees. The car owner may ask the goer to cover insurance fees, gas, or toll bills if needed. The Stateside Care Team will confirm any fees with both parties before the match is agreed upon.

If I donate a vehicle, where would my vehicle be used?

Many goers need vehicles to visit supporters locally and in other cities or states. The car owner can determine where the car may be used and can indicate if it’s for in-state use only.

Who is responsible for covering any housing needs?

The homeowner is responsible for determining any fees associated with providing a whole house or a room within a home. The homeowner may ask the goer to cover fees including monthly rent, utilities, security deposits, etc. The Stateside Care Team will confirm any fees with both parties before the match is agreed upon and the goer will make payment to the resource owner directly.

What is the usual length of time my resource will be used?

On average, goer stateside visits vary in length from one week to three months. The resource owner may indicate the desired length of use.

Are there any COVID precautions to consider if I donate a resource?

We’re committed to creating a safe environment for all resource owners and goers. Goers will follow the current quarantine guidelines set by CDC, or based on the homeowner preference, prior to moving into a room within a home. We recommend that all resources be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between usage. In the event of a COVID diagnosis while the resources are being used, please contact the Stateside Care Team for any assistance needed at care@atxstateside.com.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need further information? What if I want to provide a specialized skill or another type of resource?

If you have any questions regarding a resource donation, contact the Stateside Care Team at care@atxstateside.com.

Ready to take the next step? Click HERE to complete our ministry Connection form.

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