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December 5, 2017
March 15, 2023

Refugees Receive the Gospel

August has served in C. Asia for nearly five years. His team works to catalyze church planting movements among various refugee people groups located throughout their city. Besides spending intentional time in the harvest sharing, discipling, forming communities of faith, and developing leaders, the team prioritizes abiding in Jesus. As they do, the Lord opens opportunities to empower refugees to take steps toward wholeness.  

As August and his team have cried out to God in prayer, they have seen the Lord draw numerous refugees into his kingdom. They have seen the gospel transform the lives of the oppressed and give them hope, dignity, and freedom. The Lord has manifested His power through healings, visions, dreams, and other miracles that have led many to put their faith in Jesus.  

Among those responses the team has seen the movement of God within a specific community. August has witnessed dozens of baptisms and commitments to follow King Jesus “even unto death.” During a recent visit to the US, August was able to visit with a few members of this community who relocated to Texas. Though they face many trials living in the States, August was encouraged by their faithfulness and a meaningful financial gift they sent back with him for their fellowship in C. Asia. In joy they gave, saying, “This is so important. This gift is for God.”  

August is privileged to see so many commit their lives to Christ and follow Him in faithful obedience. He says, “The Lord’s ears are towards our cries as righteous children in Christ, and our Father’s response is an undeniable reality and joy for our team.”

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