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December 2, 2017
January 18, 2024

Inter-Caste Reconciliation Ministry

Denise was one of the first believers from her caste of nearly 1 million people. Her family members, like all the others in her caste, were idol-worshippers who also believed in the spirits of deceased ancestors. They were afflicted with an evil spirit that ruined their family and killed their youngest daughter before Christ set them free. Now the family works to introduce Jesus to their people to ensure that the evil spirits have no more reign over their lives.  

Not long after Denise and her family chose to follow Christ, they began an inter-caste reconciliation ministry. They provide foot-washings, meals, prayers and programs for reconciliations, and they train new leaders in the truth to bring peace to communities.  

Denise met Greg, a software developer from Texas, at a worship service. Now married for two years, they serve together as part of our goer network alongside Denise’s family. As an act of love, they study the history, culture, religions, philosophies, songs and stories of the various castes they host so they may better explain the redemption we find in the gospel of Jesus. Even though they are slandered and cursed, they visit and pray for people who are tormented by evil spirits, tutor students for exams, and continue to do good for their neighbors.

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