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July 22, 2016
March 21, 2024

How to Improve the Worship Leader-Pastor Relationship

Relationships between worship leaders and pastors can often be difficult. In this video, Matt Carter shares how to improve the worship leader-pastor relationship.

  • I see the power of a relationship that can be built if Jesus is the center of it.


Speaker: Matt Carter

Matt: One of the things that has come out of the relationship between Aaron Ivey and I that’s interesting is that I see the power of a relationship that can be built if Jesus is the center of it.  I’m from East Texas. I’m a country boy. I grew up in a small town. I’m a redneck. I hunt and I fish. When I’m at home, I wear Wranglers and boots. I drive a pickup truck. I’m a Texan. I went to Texas A&M. Then, there’s Aaron, who is literally the hipster poster boy.  He wears skinny jeans, has tattoos, is a musician, artist, and city guy. There’s nothing in the world that you could look at us two and our personalities and say, “These two guys will be best friends,” and we are.

I think that what has caused that depth of friendship is one, our relationship with the Lord and two, that we’re on mission together. We’re really for each other. We have developed our friendship and it’s based around Jesus and the common desire to lead the church and do it together. Since we’re in the fight together, this deep love for one another has grown and has been one of the most rewarding relationships that I’ve had in my entire life.  One of the things that I pray for worship leaders and for pastors is that they would really be intentional about developing that relationship with each other because I think the church is going to be much better because of it.

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