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February 28, 2024
July 16, 2024

Give to the For the Nations Fund

Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, left the splendor of heaven and willingly embraced poverty for our sake. His selfless act was a demonstration of God's immense love for humanity. Jesus taught us that true riches are not measured in material possessions, but in the eternal impact we make in the lives of others.

Having a heart posture toward giving to goers means aligning our lives with the example of Jesus. It means embracing the call to sacrificially give of our resources, time, and talents to advance the kingdom of God.

But how can the resources that God has entrusted to you be used to have eternal impact? By giving just $1 per day through a recurring gift of $30 per month, you can invest in the ministry of The Austin Stone goers around the world.

Join us in advancing the kingdom through selfless generosity with ongoing monthly support to our goers.

Give to the For the Nations Fund

Learn more about how your giving is used to further the Great Commission by reading our annual report below.

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