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June 7, 2021
March 21, 2024

Church Leadership Series: Halim Suh and Ross Lester

On any given Sunday, there’s a good chance you’d be able to walk into church and point out the men and women who serve in leadership roles. Whether by a nametag announcing their name and position or familiarity with their faces, you could likely identify them.

But, do you know their stories?

Do you know how they came to salvation? Have you heard how the Lord called them to The Austin Stone? Can you recount the story of God’s faithfulness in their lives?

Out of the billions of people that exist in the world today, God has entrusted these specific individuals to care for and shepherd this church body. In His infinite wisdom, He handpicked them to look after His beloved—to sacrificially serve and love His bride.

Because He ordained these men and women to care for us, we should have a vested interest in getting to know them. Not just recognize their faces and names, but be intimately connected with who they are.

This vision for intimacy among all facets of our body is what sparked the development of the Church Leadership Series. Created as a means to pave a path toward interconnectedness, not just familiarity, with our leaders, this series will sit down with various men and women in leadership roles at The Austin Stone to hear about how they shepherd our body, their personal stories, and how they work for the flourishing of our church.

In the second video of this ongoing series, Halim Suh, Pastor of Teaching and Theology at The Austin Stone, sits down with Ross Lester, Pastor of Preaching and West Congregation Pastor, to talk about how Ross came to be in his role at The Austin Stone, his love for the Bible, and his passion for preaching.

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