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July 6, 2015
March 21, 2024

10 Articles Every Worship Leader Should Read

The internet is a black hole of information. It can sometimes be overwhelming with all of the “read this article” or “watch this video” posts floating through Facebook and Twitter feeds. It is easy to have the intent of reading something worthwhile and landing on Youtube videos of cats playing keyboards.

Below are 10 blogs that I’ve found helpful to encourage, teach and disciple me as a worship leader and follower of Jesus!

1. Desiring God – “Vintage Worship – The Glory of Historic Hymns”

2. Verge – “5 Essential Characteristics of Worship Musicians”

3. Worship Together – “Should I Be Writing Songs For My Church”

4. Worship Matters – “How Exciting Should Our Sunday Meetings Be”

5. The Gospel Coalition – “Tune Our Hearts: The Call to Worship”

6. My Song In The Night – “How Can I Sing About Longing For Christ When My Heart’s Far From It?”

7. Worship Leader – “Encounter or Experience?”

8. Zac Hicks – “Worship Leader: Ready or Not, You’re a Pastor”

9. Mike Cosper – “Sin and the Whole Gospel: Three Aspects to Sin”

10. Acts 29 – “Biblical Qualifications of a Pastor”

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