West: The Source

The Source is a life-affirming, full-service women’s health clinic that supports economically disadvantaged women, including those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Many of The Source’s clients struggle to support their families throughout the year and especially during the holidays. To help alleviate this burden, we’re inviting you to serve these women by donating $25 Walmart gift cards or new maternity and baby clothing to The Source to provide to their clients.

  • Maternity and baby clothes can be purchased through the Amazon wish list linked below
  • $25 Walmart gift cards can either be dropped off in the West Campus lobby on Sundays or be purchased online (link below) and shipped to The Austin Stone offices using this address: 

Maddi Whitaker 
104 E Highland Mall Blvd, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78752

Please note: Gift cards and clothing are donations to The Source and are not considered donations to The Austin Stone.