St. John: Webb Middle School & Pickle Elementary

These days, it’s difficult to be a teacher or staff member in a public school—especially at a school with a high proportion of economically disadvantaged students. In addition to the usual struggles that education professionals face, they’re tasked with helping students get back on track after a season away due to the pandemic and relearn how to thrive in a school setting. By providing gift cards and encouraging notes to teachers and staff members of Webb Middle School and Pickle Elementary, we can show them that they are appreciated by our church body!

Starting November 6, we’ll have prepared envelopes ready for you to grab at the St. John Campus before or after services. Once you take a card, you’ll commit to writing the staff member a note and including a $25 Visa, Master Card, or American Express gift card! These can be dropped back off on Sundays through December 4.

Please note, gifts and gift cards are not donations to The Austin Stone and are not eligible for inclusion in giving statements of charitable donations to the church.