South: Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center

As we enter into the Christmas season, we all have the opportunity to demonstrate the hope given to us by the gospel and share the love of God who doesn’t simply provide, but is extravagant in His love for us. As we rejoice in the generosity our Heavenly Father has shown us, we have the ability to be a reflection of that immense kindness through our benevolence.

By partnering with Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center, you can care for our neighbors experiencing homelessness! Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center is Austin’s only fully-integrated homeless day resource center that provides humanitarian aid alongside housing navigation, mental healthcare, and more. Each year, they host Sunrise's Homeless Navigation Center's Christmas Bonfire and are asking us to help provide gifts so that everyone in attendance can receive a Christmas gift! 

You can purchase items from Sunrise’s wish list to support the homeless community at Sunrise's Homeless Navigation Center's Christmas Bonfire. All gifts will be sent directly to Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center. The deadline to purchase items is Sunday, December 11!

Please note, gifts are not donations to The Austin Stone and are not eligible for inclusion in giving statements of charitable donations to the church.