Downtown: Foundation Communities

The holidays can be an extremely difficult time for low-income families—especially in the midst of our current economic environment. By partnering with Foundation Communities, you can demonstrate the hope given to us by the gospel and share the love of God who doesn’t simply provide, but is extravagant in His love for us this Christmas season!

Foundation Communities is asking for your support in fulfilling a family’s wish list this Christmas! When filling out the form, please make sure that you put “The Austin Stone” in the “Group Name” section. Once completed, Foundations Communities will reach out to match you with a family. From there, you can purchase the items on that family’s list! Along with the gifts, you can include a thoughtful note or card for the family to uplift them this holiday season (this is a great way to get kids involved)! If you do plan on including a note, please be mindful that not all Foundation Communities’ residents celebrate Christmas.

Foundations Communities will provide you with a specific drop-off location and time!

Please note, gifts and gift cards are donations to Foundation Communities and are not considered donations to The Austin Stone.