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Can Doubt & Faith Practically Coexist?

Let's talk about doubt. In this episode Mitchell and Tyler sit down with our good friend and Pastor of Worship at The Austin Stone, Aaron Ivey.  We share plenty of stories about our own doubts that we’ve experienced as church leaders. We pray that you would walk away from this episode encouraged by the grace of Jesus amidst your doubts. Remember to share if it's helpful!

"I think I just want you to know that you have a church that is willing and ready and really excited to walk through this season with you. You're not immature for asking questions, you're not wrong for asking questions. It actually shows a depth about you to wrestle through really hard things. And so, I feel really privileged in this moment in history, of all the moments in human history that God could put me and you guys in, that he would put us here in the city of Austin, Texas with absolute love for students at University of Texas and every campus represented here in the city of Austin. We feel really privileged to walk alongside you in this season of life. And so I think, I just want to say lean in, we're not afraid of your questions, and we don't want you to be afraid to ask even the hardest things." –Aaron Ivey

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