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Trip Information

Application Information

  • Please create an account for you (parent or guardian) and your student. Then apply for the trip under the student's name.
  • There are questions the student will need to fill out in the application.
  • The application will take between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • If you are a family that has multiple people applying for trips, check out the ServiceReef How To Guide.
  • There is an application fee that will be taken at time of acceptance. The application fee goes towards the overall trip cost.

Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries Vision

The vision of Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries is to assist individuals, families, and communities with their physical and spiritual needs in order to grow the body of Christ, His church, and to give glory to God the Father. TTUM has been hosting mission teams for over twenty years under the supervision of Pastor Ashoke Bachew. Mission opportunities include:

  • Vacation Bible School / Backyard Bible Clubs
  • School evangelism – from preschools to universities
  • Street evangelism
  • Tent Revivals
  • Construction projects
  • Outreach at the youth prison, rehab centres, elderly homes, children’s homes
  • Door - to - door ministry
  • Sports ministry
  • Medical ministry

This year's team will be focused on Vacation Bible School/ Backyard Bible Clubs, sports ministry, and potentially some construction projects.


The ministry has been working with Americans for over 30 years and they have never had any issues with crime, and our previous trips to this partner have been executed with the standard of safety and care we require at The Austin Stone.

We are thankful that God has provided opportunities to engage in what He is doing in Trinidad. During the trip, the student participants will be led by Students ministry staff, who are committed to keeping every student safe. The teams will be operating in groups of 3 or more, including at the airport and going through customs, so no one will be alone and they will remain in constant contact with Students staff.

Crime Information

Every year around this time, the American Embassy typically puts up warnings to their citizens to stay away from Trinidad because of the Carnival Festival, which is similar to Mardi Gras. Most of these parties take place around the Port Of Spain area, which is about an hour away by car from where the partner ministry, TTUM, works. Our leaders and ministry partners will be wise and will be in constant communication with our For the Nations Team. Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries also has a team of doctors and nurses staying onsite.

All outreach is finished by 6 pm and then the students remain inside the gated retreat center, which is also about an hour away from the places that the US Embassy has listed as dangerous. The ministry has been working with Americans for over 30 years and they have never had any issues with crime.

Financial Notes

  • IRS Guideline: Gifts to the For The Nations Fund are used to support the church's global mission initiatives. You may preference the use of your gift, and we will endeavor to use the funds as you desire, but in order for the contribution to be tax deductible, the church must have ultimate control/discretion as to how the money is spent.
  • If a trip is canceled due to unforeseeable circumstances (including Covid-19), refunds will not be issued in compliance with the IRS guidelines. In some cases, it may be determined to allow raised funds to be applied to future trips.
  • Student Drop Deadline: If a student has to drop out of the trip for any reason after April 3 1, the balance for each student is $910 unless otherwise stated by the Global Missions Manager. This is to cover costs spent on behalf of your student.  


  • Travel: The team will be flying to and from Port of Spain Trinidad.
  • Lodging: The team will be lodging at TTUM retreat center. Participants should bring flat sheet and a light blanket (We provide a fitted sheet, pillow and pillowcase at the TTUM retreat center.)  


In planning this year’s short-term trips, For the Nations leadership alongside Students leadership has carefully assessed the on-going pandemic. They will continue to monitor the current situation regarding COVID-19 and will make any necessary changes to ensure the safety of our short-term trip team members.


  • Ministry Preparation Training #1: March 5 from 1-2:30pm at St. John Campus
  • Ministry Preparation Training #2: April 30 from 1-2:30pm  at St. John Campus
  • Logistics & Final Prayer Meeting: May 7 from 1-2:30pm  at St. John Campus



  1. Participants have a desire to grow in their relationship with God.
  2. Participants have a heart to serve with selflessness and joy.
  3. Participants agree to serve Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministry and abide by their policies.
  4. Participants are willing to be out of their comfort zone.


  1. Plan and prepare for the ministry program.
  2. Support raise for your trip.
  3. Complete all required forms.
  4. Work in your set team to plan and prepare for ministry.
  5. Participants must agree to review and practice established trip protocols while on the trip. These will be available in the trip participants account.


  1. In High School (9th through 12th grade) during the 2022-2023 school year


  1. Complete application.
  2. Invite friends to join.
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