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Trip Information

Important Application Information

  • Please create an account for you and your student. Then, apply for the trip under the students name.
  • There are questions the student will need to fill out in the application.
  • The application will take between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • If you are a family that has multiple people applying for trips, check out the ServiceReef How To Guide.
  • There is an application fee that will be taken at time of acceptance. The application fee goes towards the overall trip cost.

Vision of Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community

Join us as The Austin Stone partners with The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community to change individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and cities!

"We started the RICC because of our passion for the city. Centers of populations are returning to cities from the countryside. When the Apostle Paul was trying to spread the Gospel quickly, he did not go to the countryside, though it probably would have been faster and more beautiful! Instead, he went to the centers of population and impacted culture. We have the same sense of calling and mission: if we change the cities, we can change the world. As you join us, reflect on our mission together with an open heart. Often times mission trips are not so much about you ministering to people, but also about other people ministering to you. The reality is that YOU may be more changed from this Restoration Journey than anything else." - RICC

Financial Notes:

  • The cost of the trip is based on traveling to and from Austin and includes all trip insurance, transportation, supplies, lodging and meals for the duration of the event.
  • If a trip is canceled due to unforeseeable circumstances (including COVID-19), refunds will not be issued in compliance with the IRS guidelines. In some cases, it may be determined to allow raised funds to be applied to future trips.
  • If a student has to drop out of the trip for any reason after May 1, the balance for each student is $350. This is to cover costs spent on behalf of your student.


  • Travel: The team will be traveling in two 15-passenger vans driven by Austin Stone approved Trip Leaders.
  • Lodging: The team will be staying in dorm-style spaces (bunk beds or twin-sized air mattresses, they'll need to bring their own linens and towels) owned by the Restoration Initiative For Culture and Community (RICC).




  1. Participants have a desire to grow in their relationship with God.
  2. Participants have a heart to serve with selflessness and joy.
  3. Participants agree to serve Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community and abide by their policies.


  1. Plan and prepare for the ministry program.
  2. Support raise for your trip.
  3. Complete all required forms.
  4. Agree to review and practice established trip protocols while on the trip. These will be available in the trip participants account.


  1. Middle school (6th through 8th grade) during the 2021-2022 school year


  1. Complete application.
  2. Invite friends to join.
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