Women's Steadfast Singleness

Steadfast means unwavering and dutifully firm. The Lord is unwavering in His affection and pursuit of you. Why, then, do we think God is giving us less when He gives us singleness?

Steadfast is a class intended for single women to marvel at the beauty of the story God has written for them. Though some may not see the grace intertwined in singleness, it is our role as sisters to come alongside each other and encourage each other to consider the goodness of God and trust his plans for you. He knows the boundary lines He has set for you—for your flourishing, and He knows how He is going to help you live faithfully. You are not in plan B, friends.

This 6-week class will create a space for honest, real talk about the hardships inherent in singleness, as we learn to grieve and lament, and where we actively fix our eyes on our Maker and wholeheartedly receive from Him.

Please join us on Sundays, March 10–April 21 at 11am at St. John Campus.