Men's 1 Thessalonians Bible Study

We often see waiting as an obstacle, yet forget it’s an opportunity to know God more. Today, we wait—living in the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection while expectantly waiting for His promised return. And in this waiting, we remain steadfast by fixing our eyes on Jesus. When we immerse ourselves in Scripture, we’re transformed and encouraged to wait. Paul’s letter to the Thessalonian church is one of encouragement—to Christians in history and to us today as we await our Savior’s return. Join us as we dive into this encouragement.

Starting the week of March 25, there will be multiple opportunities for men to study 1 Thessalonians. In this 6-week study, we aim to help men know and love the Scriptures through a guided in-depth REAP study, class teaching, and discussions.

We hope to see you there!