Co-ed Psalms Bible Study

The collection of 150 psalms was not reserved for a single day of worship—it traveled with God’s people, day in and day out. Psalms were spoken and sung, spoken and sung. They saturated God’s people with truth. In speaking and singing the book of Psalms, God’s people wrote God’s words on their hearts, souls, and minds and lived out His words with their bodies.

The psalms give us language to sing praise and express joy, to spread wide our hands and bow our heads in thankfulness to God. They enliven our faith. They give us complaints and groaning and questions for our pain, our grief, and our fear. They help us embrace our frailty and fully depend on God. But perhaps more than anything else, the psalms—all 150 of them—deepen our connection with Jesus.

This fall, join us for this seven-week survey of the book of Psalms in light of the Bible's overarching narrative.