What Is the Good Life?

It’s the question humanity has been working to answer since the beginning of time. What is going to make me the happiest? How can I get the most amount of joy and wholeness here on earth? How can I be fulfilled? What is the good life?

As Christians, we know that God’s Word is full of wisdom on how we’re to live out our present lives. But we often turn to other sources of information when it comes to discerning how to pursue things like happiness, joy, and completion on this side of eternity. When we think of Jesus, we only think of Him in a particular light. Yes, He is Savior. But He is also our Teacher. Yes, He is the Son of Man. But He is also a philosopher. And throughout Scripture, He has plenty to say in answer to the question about what it means to live a “good life” and how we can follow His counsel to live the way God intended.

Join Dr. Jonathan Pennington, seminary professor and author of Jesus the Great Philosopher, as he looks at what Jesus and the Bible have to say about emotions, friendship, and happiness.