South Good Friday Service

His love for you is so immense that He took the cup of wrath that was ours in order to make the path to salvation—an innocent King rejected as a sinner so that sinners could be embraced as sons and daughters. Nailed to a cross, He hung while religious leaders mocked Him, soldiers gambled for His clothing, and the crowds hurled curses His way. Under such hostility and rejection, the Son of God suffered and died—a sacrifice that covered the cost of our rebellion and shepherded us into eternity.

So why do we call it “Good Friday”? Because through His perfect sacrifice, He purchased our pardon so that we may once again dwell in His presence and be reconciled to God. And there’s only one way to respond to news like that—believe, give thanks, and worship.

Join us at 5pm at Paredes Middle School⁠ as we reflect on the cost of Calvary and prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday. We will not have any specific Kids programming.