Northwest Christmas Eve Services

“Jesus, our hope and security,
Entering from glory,
Wrapped in flesh in manger scene,
You came, gentle and lowly.
To be cloaked again in majesty,
In meekness and humility
You came to us, Emmanuel.” (“Jesus, Our Peace,” Words for Winter)

What a beautiful thing. That the Divine would choose to dwell with the ordinary because His immense love for us could not be contained. This is the miracle of the Christmas season and the hope we have forevermore—our Savior entered this world in fragile human form so that we'd never be alone in our sin and suffering. He is with us always, in the significant and the small. He is God with us.

This Christmas Eve, we’d love for you to join our Northwest Congregation at 3pm and 5pm as we rejoice in the arrival of our King Jesus!

Childcare: 3pm service only for kinder and below.