Depression and Self-Harm Seminar

When a person feels depressed, it can seem like their present darkness—their experience of sadness—is never going to end. Depression could be a long-term journey or a symptom of swirls of other complicated emotions like shame, rejection, anxiety, or anger. What feels like an emotional tornado can find its way to despair and the struggling individual may choose to harm themselves as a way to try to deal with their pain and loneliness.

​​​​With depression and self-harm on the rise, particularly in young people, we’ve invited licensed counselors from The Austin Stone Counseling Center to share with us how to process through difficult emotions and help those we love who may be experiencing them. Join us as we learn how the family of God can lovingly care for those facing depression and self-harm.

Please note, this seminar is focused for an adult-only audience. Our hope is to equip parents, Students Ministry leaders, and College Ministry leaders of teens and young adults who are experiencing depression or self-harm to navigate this topic.

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