College Discipleship Conference

Other than college, there’s really no other time in life that someone is surrounded by thousands of people who don’t know Jesus. As He says, the harvest is indeed plentiful. But the laborers or “disciples” are few. We need more disciples!

Join College at The Austin Stone on January 5 - 7, 2023 for our College Discipleship Conference–a three-day event at The Austin Stone Northwest where we will seek to ignite the flame of God's mission for the next generation of the Church.

Our sessions will be broken down by the three components that make a disciple: someone who “abides” in Christ, a part of God’s “family,” and active in God’s “mission.” Our main speakers will be Andy Kampman, Marshall Perry, and Mitchell Johnson, along with our guest, Jamie Ivey, who's leading a special Late Night session! Worship will be led by Alex Espinoza.

Additionally, there will be 12 breakout sessions and workshops for students that will help them explore how to practically live as a disciple in their everyday lives on campus.

As for the fun, look forward to making new friends, a silent disco, lots of food, and more!

What are you waiting for? Register you and your friends for a great few days in Austin growing as a disciple of Jesus before your Spring semester!